Flynn Family

flynns 1

On a beautiful Spring day I met up with the Flynn family at Hugh McRae park. There were smiles and fist shaking and a lot of running around. Totally perfect. Well done, Flynns!

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flynns 7

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Brody Allen Walton, 2 Weeks

waltons 20

Crystal, Blair, and Reese welcomed baby Brody to the family just two weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to capture some sweet pictures of this amazing family of four. There’s nothing quite like a big sister in wings to set the tone of a photoshoot!

waltons 18

waltons 17

waltons 19

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waltons 9

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waltons 21

Danielle & Harper

danielle & harper 3

Danielle and Harper were kind enough to brave the chill on this windy Sunday for a quick shoot before our noses got too purple and we couldn’t feel our fingers. I’m so glad we did, because the pictures turned out so perfectly!

danielle & harper 2

harper 1

danielle & harper 4

danielle & harper

harper 2

The Davis Family

davis family 9

On a chilly, rainy day early in December I met the Davis family at Wrightsville Beach. We were able to snap a few adorable pictures before the rain really set in, perfect for a quick holiday photoshoot. And how cute are they?!?

davis family 8

davis family 7

davis family 5

davis family 6

davis family 2

davis family 1

davis family 3

davis family 4


Hyson Family

hyson family 10

During a lucky break in the weather this weekend I was able to get down to Fort Fisher to take some family photos of the Hysons. Can you believe little Henry is already so big? It was the perfect fall day at the beach- cool, still, empty, slightly overcast. A beautiful day to explore in fox covered slippers.

hyson family 11

hyson family 8

hyson family 9

hyson family7

hyson family 6

hyson family 5

hyson family 4

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hyson family 2

hyson family 1

The Baugess- Kimes Family

bk wedding 5

Many years ago Dan and I had the pleasure of working on an exhibit at the Maryland Historical Society as students in MICA’s Curatorial Studies program. The summer after the exhibit opened we stayed on as interns to help with programming and found ourselves under the jurisdiction of Erin Kimes. Erin was the perfect supervisor- kind and helpful but also full of levity. Her sense of humor helped ease me into a career that can be wonderful and exciting but also disappointing, frustrating, and painful. That summer was one of the best I’ve ever had for many reasons, and later when Erin found out that Dan and I had finally started dating she exclaimed “INTERN BABIES!” And while we haven’t actually gotten to that step ourselves it’s good to know there’s someone in our corner who will be enthusiastically excited for us. Someone who knows how many years of awkward flirting it took for us to get there. Someone who witnessed most of that flirting first hand. In her office.

This is all to say that when Erin reached out to us this Spring about photographing her wedding, we were overjoyed. Erin and her partner Kim had been together for 16 years and 3 kids and, now that Maryland passed marriage equality laws, were finally able to take that next step as a family. I would have happily been a part of any wedding Erin was planning but when I heard this was a small intimate wedding in Havre de Grace where almost half of the guests were children, I was pumped for the possibilities. Dan was terrified.

The wedding was perfect. From their son Jake’s reading of The Family Book during the ceremony to the family first dance, it was a beautiful day.

See more photos of Erin & Kim’s wedding here.

bk wedding 1

bk wedding 4

bk wedding 6

bk wedding 7

bk wedding 9

bk wedding 11

bk wedding 16

bk wedding 17

bk wedding 21

bk wedding 18

bk wedding 23

bk wedding 25

bk wedding 26

bk wedding 27

bk wedding 29

bk wedding 31

bk wedding 35

bk wedding 36

bk wedding 40

bk wedding 41

bk wedding 42


bk wedding 45

bk wedding 48

bk wedding 49

bk wedding 46

bk wedding 50


McLane Family

mclane 1

A benefit of taking portraits of one of my favorite students and families in this town is getting to hear “I love Ms Elena” frequently throughout the shoot. The McLane family- Matt, Danielle, Harper, and future baby boy McLane are the sweetest, and I just loved spending the afternoon with them. Even if that did mean accidentally crashing a wedding.

mclane 6

mclane 9

mclane 10

mclane 8

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